Business Incubation Weekend

24 October 2020
  • 10:00 (GMT +4)

These are unprecedented times. Probably never seen in our lifetimes. This global pandemic has already become a challenge to the very society we live in – in all its gory shades. With social distancing the new normal, we all have as a collective humanity become much closer virtually. It is a bliss and a delight to have the current technology today that diligently keeps us all ever closer than before.

This brings us to this proposal of holding an Incubation event jointly with University of Stirling, RAK Campus and ITM group of Institutions, India, to showcase the entrepreneurial talents of students. This will have the content and scope for those of the students having entrepreneurial aspirations and those of them aspiring to have an application oriented employability virtue. This event is designed and planned completely online. The most immediate and proximate relevance would ideally be COVID – 19: current and post. This event will be called: Business Incubation Weekend (BIW)– New Start Up Ideas.

This will be your forum to pitch in a Business idea. You will combine your knowledge and ideas in the areas of business, marketing, finance and technology to harness a business relevant synergy in the current and post Covid-19 context. While doing so you will make the pitch socially pertinent or at least close to being socially pertinent. This session will eventually culminate in a competition. This ‘Business Incubation Weekend – BIW’ will entertain presentation papers from all School and University students locally and internationally from any discipline of study. The event is from 15th October and culminating on 24th October, 2020

Stage 1 - Paper presentations will be based on the following stages and criteria:

A. BIW presentation:

Your group will consist of minimum four to maximum of up to five students. Any number of groups can participate from a University/School. Your group has to present a business startup idea to a panel of judges and the audience. You will, before the presentation, submit a short report to the panel and such paper shall consist of word counts not exceeding 400 to 500 words, excluding tables, references and appendices if any. The Panel of judges will then select the best twenty (20) business startup ideas.

The 20 best selected groups will then present a pitch of their business idea to the audience assuming that they are the prospective and potential investors in their enterprise. These groups will present the pitch book in Group Presentation format; online via Microsoft teams.

While you present your paper you must address the following:

Introduce your business idea

Introduce your business model



Marketing and Communication Plan

Financial Plan


References – include the source of all claims made in your presentation (provide a list of references on your last slide).

A panel of judges will evaluate your team’s paper for the preliminary round and the BIW 2020 Committee will send you a ‘notification to present’ via an e-mail. Should you receive such a notification by the 12th October, 2020, then your team has been shortlisted for presentation in person before the panel of program judges on the 24th October 2020.

The shortlisted candidates will be connected with Mentors from 15th October to 17th October, 2020 – the participants can select and block their meetings time with mentors; 30 minutes with a mentor.

The Final Presentation should be emailed to the BIW 2020 team no later than 23rd October, 2020.

Winning teams (First place and Runner up) will be the ‘BIW 2020 Star of the event’ and Runner-up respectively. All participants will receive a certificate of participation.

If you or your team are participating please register yourself

Important dates

The program coordinators will after confirming your registration send to you a mail to that effect and request your paper submission. Please note that the last date to submit your paper is 10 October, 2020 and must be send to the following e-mail ids only.

Registration request for BIW 2020 followed by the Theme of your team’s paper, Team’s name and individual participant’s name, mobile number and e-mail id. This Registration mail must be sent to:

Event Coordinators

Prof.Shanthi Rajan, University of Stirling, UAE +971567488951

Dr.Veni Nair, ITM Group of Institutions +919833993611

Dr.Aripta Pandey – ITM Group of Institutions +918108400506

Prof.Rachna Nigam – ITM Group of Institutions +919372536221

Further instructions and guidelines could be shared in due course.

We welcome you to this grand event and look forward to your creative and innovative business startups !

The BIW Team!