Ms.Shanthi Rajan Senior Fellow of Higher Education Academy UK

Ms.Shanthi Rajan-Senior Fellow of Higher Education Academy, UK

It give us immense pleasure to announce that Ms. Shanthi Rajan, Director – Institution Development, University of Stirling and SQA Diplomas, RAK, UAE has now been conferred the SFHEA status by SFELTE Judgement Panel of Stirling, UK and Advanced Higher Education Academy, UK.

In her capacity as the Director – Institution Development, UoS, RAK, she set up the Centre of Academic Excellence (CAE) at our RAK Campus. CAE is a think-tank for all the activities we pursue as educators. This centre brings in the latest in all the areas of research pertinent to the taught curriculum at our Campus. Another significant objective of the CAE is to enhance and encourage self, peer and guided mentoring and to bring their results to the classrooms. Research and Excellence in everything we do is the core thought driver of CAE.

This is what she had to say after being conferred the SFHEA status “ I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to the management, my mentors at Stirling, UK and peers at RAK campus who supported me throughout my SFHEA journey. Reflecting on my teaching practices over the last few years is gratifying in terms of realizing the vision of Learning Process Ownership through self, peer and guided mentoring and this leading to the development of institutional change and adding value to teaching and learning: Thank You!”.