Pursue your career from the University of Stirling, RAK UAE Campus, and make the world your oyster

Imagine using the state-of-the-art laboratories and quaint inexhaustible libraries and getting international exposure, learning under culturally diverse and research driven faculty. Imagine getting hands-on work experience and jumping to employability soon after completing the graduation process and an option to study at University of Stirling UK campus. Well, these and many other benefits are in-store for students opting for career opportunities with University of Stirling, Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates.

Since its inception in 1967, the University of Stirling, UK has been instrumental in helping its students to shape their world. Its visionary, Lord Robbins, the first Chancellor who was also an economist, recognised that in order to transform the society, there is a need to create skilled people. He firmly believed in ‘education with a purpose’ and hence since then, the university has been delivering progressive vision and transformative thinking.

Not just post-graduate, but the University of Stirling, UAE campus at Ras Al Khaimah offers several under-graduate courses and even provides an option for the SQA qualified students to enrol for the various bachelor programs that are recognised around the world.  The students can pursue their last year from the University’s UK campus and thus the students get an opportunity of studying both at UK and UAE with a stay back option in UK.

The University provides an inspiring academic experience and it believes in preparing its students with life-long career and employability skills. And that is the reason why more than 95 per cent of its undergraduate students and 96 per cent of its post graduate students get recruited within a few months of clearing their exams.

The masters’ courses from University of Stirling, RAK campus are designed to develop forward-thinking graduates from around the world. The university helps to redefine their potential in an inspiring manner and believes in transforming its students into employable, confident graduates with skills, knowledge and experience that will help them make a difference in the world. The University of Stirling, RAK UAE campus not just provides internships to its students but it also has an in-house placement cell that assists the students in getting placement soon after completing their courses. 

The University has developed a reputation for being a great place to study. It is renowned for its innovative, modern and cutting-edge research and high-quality teaching. It is committed to delivering Stirling experience – albeit, for the time being in the new and innovative ways. The University is committed to ensuring that students leaving their campus have a life-long career management and employability skills.

Benefits of pursuing career opportunities

Advance your expertise – Enrolling with us makes it easier for the transition to senior positions as companies in the current job scenario are vying to hire employees with qualifications from foreign universities.

Gain global recognition – Studying at our campus not just improves the student’s researching and analysing skill set and makes them a better problem solver but also increases their income prospects and gives a significant boost to their pay packages.

Enhanced professional network – Students get an exposure of studying with other students from diverse backgrounds. Also their professors who are industry leaders equip them with real world knowledge with valuable networks. This gives them an ample network to help them advance their career prospects.

Lucrative positions – Highly specialised cross-cultural and communications skills helps them obtain lucrative positions both domestically and overseas.

Multitude of careers – While travelling around the world, the student gets to interact with high-level clients and shape organisational outcomes. It helps them make a lasting impact on global organisations all while positioning themselves for professional advancement. The student gets well-positioned for multitude of careers while being able to appreciate the dynamics of working cross-culturally.

Option to study last year at University of Stirling UK campus with the stay back option

UAE, an emerging hub for international students 

Home to over 200 nationalities, UAE, in the recent years has emerged as one of the hottest expat destinations with a variety of study options for students vying for an internationally recognised degree. Students get the chance of not just engaging themselves with institutions nationwide but its partnerships with various industry sectors helps students in seeking placements, work experience and better their future career prospects.

If success is in sight carving your path will not be difficult. So come, explore your career opportunities with us and carve your path to success.