Career opportunities for degree holders in Business Management

Before deciding to undertake an undergraduate course, you should have an idea of what career path you want to pursue in the future. It should be in line with your passion for you to get maximum job satisfaction. There are many opportunities in the world of business management because every industry, whether manufacturing, processing or service, they need the administration element and this is where you come in. Having a degree in Bsc. Business management guarantees that you will be able to fit in almost every sector. Of course, there are many areas of business management; therefore specializing is what will give you an upper hand, perhaps in either finance, procurement, marketing, human resource or research and development. Let’s have a look at what some options they have.

  • Business Development Manager

This job entails growing business already in existence. It involves coming up with new strategies to attract and maintain new clients, tap into new markets and suggest improvements to make to existing products to grow. You will need to have a lot of knowledge in that particular business and create networks that will help you propel the company to greater heights. Specializing in marketing, strategic management and R&D will give you an edge over others. The more you gain experience in this field, the more you have to offer, and the more your income will increase. 

  • Finance manager

The primary responsibilities of a finance manager are to monitor and evaluate the finances of a company and advice on how better they can manage their money. They are also responsible for making decisions on the investments the company may want to undertake to increase the company’s revenue. To be an effective finance manager, you must have specialized in finance or accounting to gain more knowledge in the field.

  • Human resource manager

While you are undertaking your Bsc. Business Management, you may decide to major in HR which will equip you with skills to spearhead the human resources of a company. It involves making decisions to hire and fire, coming up with employee development activities, the welfare of employees, payroll and maintaining employees’ records.

  • General Manager

Rising to the ranks of a general manager means that several operational managers are reporting to you. You delegate the small day to day tasks to them, and you focus on the overall vision and direction of the company. Your work is to steer the company to its long-term goals.

  • Project Manager

He/she is tasked with planning, organizing, coordinating and evaluating activities undertaken in a project to achieve specific results in a given period. You can also specialize in this or go ahead and take up a diploma course to gain more knowledge in this field.

In conclusion, the world of Bsc. Business Management is extensive, and you need to pick a focus area and be a master in it. There are many professional courses out there in each of the specialization areas that will help in complimenting your skills.