Stirling RAK’s Desert Safari 2024: Unforgettable Adventure

Stirling RAK's Desert Safari 2024: A Spectacular Journey of Culture and Adventure!

A Glimpse into Adventure Past! 
Our Desert Safari Excursion 2024 on the memorable day of 29th February was nothing short of spectacular! The University of Stirling, RAK Campus, students embarked on an unforgettable desert odyssey.

The day was filled with heart-pounding Dune Bashing, exhilarating Sand Boarding, and tranquil Camel Rides beneath the expansive desert horizon. As we feasted on a delectable B.B.Q. Dinner catering to every palate, we stayed refreshed with a plentiful supply of refreshments and hydration, ensuring every moment was enjoyed to the fullest.

As the stars came out, the evening was brought to life with the spellbinding Tanoura Dance, a breathtaking Fire Show, and the delicate art of Henna Painting, creating memories that will last a lifetime. 

Thank you to all who joined and made this journey through the sands a beautiful chapter in our university’s story. Here’s to the adventures that await us!

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