Ignite ’21

Ignite-21 is the annual intra-campus Business, Finance, IT domain-specific competitions and Cultural Extravaganza organized by University of Stirling & SQA RAK Campus. This is a wonderful platform for our students to explore and exhibit their knowledge, skills, creativity and contribute to holistic professional development. The event is organized for two days on Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 3rd Nov. 2021. Following are the details of the events.

Day One: Tuesday, 2nd Nov.2021

Mastermind: The Quiz Competition

This quiz competition will be held in three categories: Business, Finance, and IT and aims to promote scholastic excellence and competence of the students through testing participants’ domain-specific knowledge and understanding of contemporary issues and developments in their chosen category of Business/Finance/IT. The quiz will have two rounds- The preliminary and the Final round.

The preliminary round will be a paper-based written MCQ. Students can register their name for any one of the categories (Business/Finance/IT). The top 5 performers in the prelims round from each category of Business/ Finance/IT will enter the final round which will face to face live quizzing event.

Faculty Coordinator: Archana Panditha

Student Coordinators: Farhan (Management Y2), Amaar(Software Engineering Y1), Naveen(Software Engineering Y1).

Mad Ad- The Ad Mad Show

This is a unique way of expressing your abilities to design an ad campaign and perform it in front of a live audience. It comprises humorous and conceptual ad presentations by the students. The idea behind conducting this event is to provide a platform to participants to explore their creativity skills.

The maximum number of members in a team is 5. The participants are required to come up with a creative short ad script for a maximum of 3 minutes and perform it live in front of the audience and the judges. and video clips or ADs for the product they choose related to the theme given. The themes for the ad making competition are, Back to Campus (advertise product/service where college students will be the target audience)

Faculty Coordinator: Dr. Nikhil VP

Student Coordinators: Josiya(A&F Y3), Babacar (SQA BWA Y1)

Pitch Perfect: Pitch your business idea

The objective of this business idea competition is to encourage the students to develop their entrepreneurial skills. If you have any unique creative business idea (any type of products including the teach ideas), this is a platform for you to showcase your idea as a marketing presentation. You are required to make a short 10 minutes PPT presentation highlighting your innovative product idea, the intended target audience and your creative marketing strategy. (You are not required to work on the financial feasibility). Maximum three members can be the members of a team.

Faculty Coordinator: Dr. Soofi Anwar

Student Coordinator: Mariyam (Management-Y4) Kamran (Software Engineering-Y3)

Bulls & Bears: The Financial Trading Game

This competition offers students the real time experience of virtual trading on equities. The participating teams will be given the virtual money to invest in a simulation based trading and the winners will be judged based on the highest returns generated from the investment. Two students can be part of a team.

Faculty Coordinator: CT Sunil Kumar

Student Coordinators: Joe (A&F Y3), Ashik (A&F Y3)

Creative Selling: One Minute Salesperson

Explore your hidden creativity in selling by participating in this competition. You will be a given on the spot a product idea. Your challenge is to make a one-minute creative sales pitch to sell the product.

Faculty Coordinator: Zareena Kennedy

Student Coordinator: Rifath (Management Y4)

Fix-IT: The Tech competition

This event is about reassembling the parts of the computer. You can work in a team of two. The team which assembles the system in the best way in the given time will be adjudged as the winner.

Faculty Coordinator: Preetha Sunil & Chandra

Student Coordinator: Binil (Software Engineering Y3) Kimberley

Montage: The Collage Making Competition

Experiment with your creativity by embellishing the art composed of assembling numerous materials like newspaper clippings, magazines and any other images/properties to convey your ideas and imaginations on the Industry 4.0 theme. You can prepare the collage well in advance and are required to bring and exhibit your collage. Maximum 3 members can be  part of a team.

General Rules & Regulations:

  • Students can register for more than one event
  • The events are open to only current students of the campus
  • Winners and runners will be eligible to join the Mega International level Inter Collegiate Competition to be held in March 2022.
  • Certificates will be issued for the winners, runners as well as the all the registered participants.
  • Last date to register for the event is Sunday, 31st Oct. 2021.

Day Two: Tuesday, 3rd Nov.2021

On-Spot Painting Competition – “Splash It On”

Theme: Travel Diaries

Description: Let your imagination run wild.

Faculty In-Charge: Ms. Kavya

Solo Vocals – “Once upon a Tempo”

Description: Participate in Once upon a Tempo – and showcase your singing talent.

Faculty In-Charge/ Judge: Ms. Archana, Mr. Sunil

Impromptu Speaking – “Just a minute”

Description: “Impromptu Speaking!?” jam is a competition for those who love to speak on the spot this is all about spontaneity. 

Faculty In-Charge/ Judge: Ms. Zareena, Dr. Soofi

Dance – “Soul to Sole”

Description: Express the hidden language of the soul by participating in SOUL TO SOLE. SOUL TO SOLE is a group of 4 dance competition.

Faculty In-Charge/ Judge: Ms. Jimy, Ms. Athulya,

Photography- “Story through my eyes”

Theme: Capture the best moment of Intra College Fest

Description: Taking an image and freezing a moment reveals how rich reality truly is!

Faculty In-Charge: Mr. Zeeshan, Dr. Nikhil

Fashion Show- “Cassadale”

Theme: “Winter Fashion”

Description: Fashions a way of saying who you are without any words.

Faculty In-Charge: Ms. Athulya, Ms. Jimy, Ms. Zareena