Internship Testimonial Alfin David BSc (Hons) Software Engineering

Student Testimonial – Alfin David

“I want to thank Ms. Shanthi Rajan and Ms. Jimy, the head of Pew, for offering internships to young students. I choose to pursue data science because it is a different field from what I am currently studying. Fortunately, I was approved for the internship’s first phase, which demands us to endure difficult learning plots for data science. Through the classes offered, I was able to see how confined my ideas on the topic were given how widely its applications were employed. This stoked my curiosity about it, and I eventually made it into the company’s top 8 selected candidates. The director of the internship program, Dr. Rajitha, gave a presentation on a data company’s internal operations. He provided the expertise in the form of workshops and demonstrated how a data scientist thinks. I was assigned to a team of four as part of the experience to evaluate and present information on the fares earned by a taxi service in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Working as a team to determine the most important questions to ask and the best results was amazing. I learned how professionals utilize tools like Power BI for displaying datasets and Latex software to create well-built reports from a student with no prior knowledge of data science. My team was pleased to show them our work at the conclusion of the two-week internship to demonstrate our success. I have enjoyed my stay here and hope to continue learning in the future.” – Alfin David, BSc (Hons) Software Engineering Student