Transforming Lives

Transforming Lives Known for its largest oil reserves and coined as the ‘gulf tiger’, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is fast emerging as the competitive knowledge-based economy as education has become the top priority for the government of UAE. The country that was a small backwater desert nation with less than 3 lakh population in 1971 has undergone a spectacular economic rise over the past decades to become a vibrant economic centre.

A testimony to this transformation, most of the country’s residents are foreigners. With education set as a top priority, the country is using its petrol dollars effectively to attain high education rates and establish a high-quality education system. The country’s first president Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan had envisioned education as the key to economic modernization stating that ‘the greatest use that can be made of wealth is to invest in creating generations of educated and trained professionals.

And now, the UAE is working to capture the attention of students hoping to study abroad and experience a different culture. UAE, one of the most liberal areas in the Arabian Gulf, has a high literacy rate of 93 per cent. Also, almost 70 per cent of its university graduates are women and hence this academically thriving country vows to provide a memorable ‘study abroad’ experience.

We retain our pioneering spirit and a passion for innovation. We act as a catalyst in the lives of our students, we are an agent for change, connecting people, innovating and transforming the lives of our students, our staff, and the global communities we serve.

Why choose Stirling, UAE

  • Known as the top-ranking institute in the UK and stands among the top 5 in the world for offering the best campus environment
  • It is highly acclaimed for its teaching, employability, internationalization, and inclusiveness
  • Enrolling with the university at UAE gives a student an opportunity to complete the final year at Stirling, UK campus
  • The campus offers a wide range of scholarships and grants
  • It employs high teaching standards
  • It promises excellent placement assistance and offers internship opportunity during graduation
  • Students can get excellent career support and consulting sessions with industry experts
  • The university has strong academics and industry connect and can offer networking opportunities through their strong industry links


Visa: Overseas students will get student visas which will be renewed every year

Accommodation: Ras Al Khaimah offers high-quality accommodation for its students with a wide range of private accommodation. Besides students can also share apartments, villas or opt for smaller studio apartments. The overall living costs in RAK is much cheaper than it is in Dubai.

Transport: The University also offers daily bus services where students are picked up and dropped from their given locations.

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