University of Stirling, UAE geared to welcome its students with open arms

As UAE is resuming normalcy, University of Stirling is getting foreign student-ready

The year 2020 had been a disruptive year for people around the globe, adversely impacting the education sector. Stakeholders across countries have been working tirelessly to revive the education sector, especially opening up borders for international students aspiring career opportunities in their dream countries. Amid the restrictions in different countries, earlier UK and Canada were the only two countries that had kept their borders open for international students even during these tough times in order to provide a home for the ‘study abroad’ students who had given up hope and were almost on the verge of dropping a year.

Nearly 1.6 billion learners from over 200 countries were affected due to the closure of schools, colleges, institutes, universities and other learning spaces during the pandemic time. And now the silver lining to this black cloud is that the next upcoming education destination – UAE is putting all the necessary ordinances in place and emerging as an education hub. It is striving hard to make its universities safe and healthy for international students. In the recent past, UAE has emerged as one of the hottest expat destinations for students exploring an internationally recognised degree. 

One such university in UAE is the University of Stirling at Ras Al Khaimah campus. It initially had discontinued face-to-face teachings but is now gaining momentum and is gearing to welcome international students with open arms. 

UAE, over the past few years, has emerged as a educational hub and a leader in various sectors including aviation, tourism, hospitality, retail, healthcare, financial services and education. The country began improving its facilities and opportunities to provide a home for study abroad students, who were contemplating of dropping a year.

The country has fast emerged as a safe and healthy destination not only for its locals but for expatriate and international students. The University, committed to provide a safe, healthy and Covid-free atmosphere, has begun the process of admitting international students on the basis of their merit and their potential to succeed. 

“In order to ensure a fair admission process, all the applications are thoroughly scrutinised to decide the merit of every single student. We take note of the subjects studied by every student and the number of attempts that they have taken to achieve the grades. We also check for the competencies in any specific subject required for the particular courses,” said an official from the university.

The official added, “Not just based on the courses sought by the students, but the university examines the applicant’s ability in coping with the challenges of the particular course, the student’s skills and the student’s potential contribution to the University life as a whole.”

It must be noted that University of Stirling, UAE campus is one of the top 5 ranking universities in the world for offering the best campus environment. Acclaimed for its teaching, employability, internationalisation and inclusiveness, the university offers wide range of scholarships and grants while employing high teaching standards. The university ensures that its students get the chance of not just engaging themselves with institutions nationwide but its partnership with other industry sectors benefits students in seeking placements, work experience and better their future career prospects.

University of Stirling also provides an inspiring academic experience and it believes in preparing its students with life-long career and employability skills. And that is the reason why more than 95 per cent of its undergraduate students and 96 per cent of its post graduate students get recruited within a few months of clearing their exams.

The masters’ courses from its campus are designed to develop forward-thinking graduates from around the world. The university helps to redefine their potential in an inspiring manner. The University believes in transforming its students into employable, confident graduates with skills, knowledge and experience that will help them make a difference in the world. The University not just provides internships to its students but it also has an in-house placement cell that assists the students in getting placement soon after completing their courses. 

The University has also developed a reputation for being a great place to study. It is renowned for its innovative, modern and cutting-edge research and high-quality teaching. It is committed to delivering Stirling experience – albeit, for the time being in the new and innovative way. The University is committed to ensuring that students leaving their campus have a life-long career management and employability skills.

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