Employability Final Series 2

Our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to our first guest speaker Mr. Badr Al Yasi and our second speaker who is a Senior HR Business Partner of a large MNC to be part of our final ESW 2 on the 25th of February 2020. Mr. Badr’s speech to our Management students adroitly blended one’s emotional intelligence and self-belief continuum in simple comprehension that listening to him was really an awe-inspiring experience for all of us. Management students were also enthralled to hear our second speaker elaborating on the ‘top 10 key competencies’ in real life work situations. What the employers are looking for while hiring, third space thinkers, the seven skills that probably will never get automated and the competency matrix was just splendid. She rightly indicated to our students that employers, more than ever, now attach abundant importance to soft skills in their prospective employees. To call this skill set as ‘Third space thinking‘ is interesting and to call them ‘third space thinkers’ is akin to providing a special place for this ability in the modern management literature and realm. And rightly so!

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