Online Teaching Pedagogy – Panel Discussion

CHRD (Consortium of Human Resources Development) had invited Ms. Shanthi Rajan, Director, Institution Development, University of Stirling RAK Campus as a distinguished panel member on 19th April to share her insights of Online teaching pedagogy. This session was attended by 115 participants from India and other international countries. She stressed upon how online teaching has suddenly become the new norm and the need of the hour. She further stated that in the UAE, all schools and educational institutions are temporarily closed for now due to this pandemic and UAE has wisely and proactively approached this menace with the most prudent and effective ways possible, thanks to the brilliant infrastructure we have here. She said that University of Stirling, RAK campus have seamlessly migrated to the online platform. With the good infrastructure and internet connectivity to a vast majority of students and with the state of the art internet technology platforms, simulating a classroom was instant and effortless. She further elaborated about how we have used various LMS systems to deliver the curriculum as best as to replicate our classroom experiences for the students. She added that the academic staff are well trained to deliver the curriculum online since even with the classroom scenarios there were always some components that had to be done online like assignment submissions and other doubt clearing sessions. Student engagement and participation seemed to have increased with the online mode of teaching, she added.

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