Active Learning Techniques to enhance Student Engagement

Classroom teaching has always played a critical role in meeting the intellectual needs of a student. Teaching today’s students requires innovative strategies to adapt to the new intellectual requirements of the students. To bring about synergy, goal congruence, and cohesion in the classroom, it is important for an educator to foster positive student engagement by allowing learners to actively participate in class activities. Active learning can be used to create a more engaging, and thus more durable and more meaningful learning experience for students. On 24th April, 2020, Ms. Shanthi Rajan, Director, Institution Development, University of Stirling, RAK Campus conducted a Webinar for 68 academic teaching staff from ITM Business School, Navi Mumbai. The objective of the session was to understand attitudes and behaviour and it impact on performance. in addition to this, the session focused on the concept of Active learning and how active learning techniques and effective classroom design can be used to promote student learning and engagement as well as implement active learning techniques in the creation of a lesson plan

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