How to Get your Dream Job after graduation?

Looking to get a dream job after graduation and make your mark on the world? It’s easier said than done. The perfect job actually may not come your way until later in life. Getting the job of your choice and living a life on your own terms takes a lot of self-awareness, perseverance, and hard work. It’s about doing everything you need to market and position yourself for the dream job you are going after. Here are some practical tips to follow to get the right job after graduation and pursue those dreams.

Build Relevant Skill sets

  • Build the skills you need not just to find your dream job but also excel and grow within your role and organisation. While still in college, pursue additional courses and skill enhancement trainings that will make you more attractive to employers looking for the best talent.
  • Building additional skills on top of your basic qualification will help you create a career-specific resume and stand out from the crowd.

Maximise your Unpaid Work Experiences

  • Many entry-level jobs require three to five years of work experience. So, do everything you can while you’re still in college. These include summer jobs and internships, volunteer experiences, college research projects, activities with local professional groups, or even taking senior-level classes.
  • In short, get yourself as much experience as possible as it will go a long way towards getting you noticed early on.

Establish Your Online Presence

  • Recruiters are all over job sites and are constantly looking for fresh graduates. So, get your resume on job sites and social media geared to college graduates and entry-level positions. It’s worth the effort!

Build Your Professional Network

  • Though resumes play an important role in your job search, simply sitting behind your computer and sending as many online job applications as possible may not get you far enough. Today, most new hires in major companies come from referrals. So, focus on going to job fairs and joining professional organisations, local leadership, and industry-specific clubs so you can meet with employers and industry professionals face-to-face. You need to involve yourself and network and meet with people in person.

Give Mock Interviews

  • Mock interviews help you prepare yourself and discover the areas where you need to make further improvements. They help you communicate more effectively and gain the confidence to face the real-world company interviews.

Follow-up after the Job Interview

  • Some employers may completely forget about a candidate after an interview, especially if they have a long list of applicants to interview for a job. To ensure this does not happen to you, it is critical you get direct insight from your interviewer on how the hiring process works and the timelines to create a proper follow-up plan.
  • Hiring experts recommend sending a standard thank you note within 24 hours of your meeting and following up a week to 10 days after you’ve given the job interview.

The Bottom Line

Make good use of your time at the college to build a career of your choice. Follow the above recommended tips to land the job you’ve been dreaming of! The University of Stirling offers ample opportunities to students to help them shape their careers and get the dream job after graduation.

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