Employability Skills

Build Your Employability Skills While You’re At University

The global employment market is becoming increasingly competitive and dynamic. Employers today expect graduates to have not just the academic and technical skills but all the essential workplace competencies and personal attributes that govern professional performance. This is why University graduates must do even more to stand out from the crowd and increase their employability.

Employability refers to the ability to successfully obtain, create, and maintain work, as well as the ability to perform well in a work environment. These abilities assist you in gaining employment, managing your career, adapting to changing work settings, and creating a positive influence through your work.

Employability skills are soft skills that apply to a wide range of businesses and professions. Acquiring these skills will assist you in entering the job market as well as adapting to and managing the ever-changing nature of your profession.

Key Employability Skills

While there is a wide range of employability skills to be considered, we are focusing on the following ten skills at the University of Stirling to make our students more employable in the global job markets:

  1. Communication
  2. Awareness about Global Business and Industry
  3. Creativity and innovation
  4. Initiative and Proactiveness
  5. Leadership
  6. Self-Management
  7. Professionalism
  8. Planning and Organisation
  9. Interpersonal skills and Teamwork
  10. Use of Tools and Technology

Ways to Improve your Employability Skills

Our Employability Enhancement team offers training and guidance to help you build your employability skills and gain a competitive edge before you enter the workplace. We offer many ideas and open the door to many valuable resources and opportunities that students can make use of during their enrolment. These offerings help individuals stimulate their thought process and broaden their skills and experience. Here’s a look at what we have to offer to enhance our students’ future career prospects.

  1. Employability Enhancement Programs – Our in-house training modules provides a platform for students to explore new dimensions to their personalities.
  2. Employability Skills Workshops to promote Academia-Industry interface
  3.  Student Societies / Student Clubs
  4. Volunteering opportunities and other extra-curricular activities within and outside of the University setting
  5. Campus to Corporate: Work Readiness Workshop for Interview Preparation – These tailormade workshops and mentoring programs are created with the aim of making students ready to work in the industry of their choosing.
  6. Life-Skills workshops equipping students to face life with confidence
  7. The My Stirling Award – An innovative skills award programme designed to recognise students’ extra-curricular activities and achievements
  8. The Career Management Pathway – This career planning program provides students with steps to help them identify their short and long-term career goals and ways to get there.
  9. Internships to gain practical skills and knowledge
  10. Research programs to help you build the skills of critical thinking and reasoning, developing innovative ideas, analysing data, and clearly explaining results.
  11. Round-the-year events, such as academic festivals, inter-university competitions, cultural events, webinars, public speaking workshops, etc.

The Bottom Line

Graduates who have made the most of opportunities at the University and developed a wide range of employability skills and attributes gain an edge in the competitive jobs market. Our teaching methodologies and the learning environment inculcate corporate work-readiness, equipping students with competencies like leadership skills, stress management, etc.

The University’s placement and education wing (PEW) is a student-led body that acts as a catalyst in placing students for summer internships or the final placements with large corporates.

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