Is Overthinking a curse?

Why the Positive Take?

Take a seat; we are on our way to the soothing aroma of freshly baked cakes, the eye-catching cherry pies, and the long line for banana bread cinnamon rolls. With pride, I watch my son and his employees put their hearts and souls into baking for the people of Cancale. My son lost his job six years ago, and today he is one of the most successful! He gave up and became depressed after losing his job. But I knew he’d get through it because I taught my children to face their problems rather than run away from them. He was an overthinker, but never a positive one, which was largely the cause of our son-father relationship becoming strained. My daughter, on the other hand, remained calm in the most stressful situations even after learning of his situation. She took out a loan in her name for him and pushed him to do what he wanted. He spent days and days trying to figure out what his inner passion was and pursuing it. Eventually, he decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and became a baker! Despite a rocky start, he was ultimately successful. Now the question is, what if the son never overtaught? He would never consider becoming a baker. What if the daughter never taught of giving the money to her brother? She chose to take the risk and use her overthinking to build trust. Nothing is “over,” only a talent for turning negatives into positives, even if time is required. If you’re wondering why I never helped, it’s because I could only watch them from up here and trust my kids with the teachings. Now from this story, we should learn that overthinking is a chance, turn the game with a positive approach or sulk and blame your fate.

Ashreena Ashraf
Ba (Hons.) Accounting & Finance, 4th Yr

To my readers, I apologize to you for being this late insight you with positivity in overthinking. If you believe overthinking, is a curse. Trust me it’s not, it’s when people undervalue your thoughts and disappoint you! Overthinking has advantages and disadvantages, but today let’s take a positive turn on this “un” taboo topic. Overthinkers are 1000 times more cautious than any earthling. They tend to observe people from far and remain silent. During this time, they are tagged unfriendly, rude & aloof.

All these names are exhausting and bothersome but, the more creative and content is the person who thinks a lot and evaluates the effects of any commitment they make. These all can be time-consuming, after all, we are finding answers to the questions in our heads. Even when I’m writing this down, I have cross-checked my words again and again, and not just this all my write-ups have been either read by me over 10 times or confirmed by my friends before I post them.

I have an inside-out (movie) control panel in my head that debates over what I need to be doing next. Thus, the voices in the head never stop, and being a libra – Scorpio cusp born we are deemed to be over-thinkers. We are suspicious of anything and everything we do! That is on being us. My thoughts eventually motivated me but the fight I had to put up to attain positivity is strenuous. I have heard quotes saying “sometimes the worst place you can ever be is in your head” I agree because we have parts of our brain attached to sectors like Emotions & Memories. Overthinking creates a mess in life, and I have also said “Mess Is a Step Taken Towards Progress”. If you are one among these, be proud of it. You are going to be successful in life!