Student Talent Hour

Our ‘Student Talent Hour’ (which was held on the 17th of October, 2021) was a massive success! The goal of this was to showcase students’ talent which would help students gain a positive feeling so that they can lead a happier, stress-free, and joyful student life. Events like these also help nurture the intrinsic qualities of students and remove stage fright, which also helps with personality development. All the students participated enthusiastically and came forward confidently to display their skills.

Student Talent Hour started off with an entertaining violin performance by Ms. Esther, followed by a music concert by Mr. Zeth and Mr. Kenz where the students also showcased their rhythmic and engaging dance moves. Students sang songs together in their soulful and charismatic voices that made the audience cheer and sing along with the tuneful melodies. The memorable moments were captured by our photography club of Student Committee Mr. Sony and Mr. Anas.


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