The Role of IT to Face the Industry 4.0 Challenge in the New Normal

The rise of the machine! And there it is chasing us everywhere we go with its algorithms, cognitive recognition, Big Data and Metadata. These are the new technical words floating around these days. Along with these new technologies which have already shaped us as new technologies comes newer and more sophisticated technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security and Block Chain architecture and technology to name a few. Computer based modelling has found application in Climate studies to Medical sciences and probably by now to almost every area that touch our lives. So this sets the background for our deliberations on the future evolution, prospects, and challenges of IT and its attendant disciplines and how technology possibly will dominate in coming times in almost every sphere of our life.

This is the foundation of the discussion where our students and other participants in this forum would gain extensively from the Industry practitioners’ advice and wisdom in this domain. To stay in the loop and profit from the impending changes, professionals in the IT sector need to find new ways to manage talent – attract, develop, reward and retain, as well as to inspire passion, innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and excellence.

Join us on 23rd October at 10:30 AM (UAE time) to hear what the IT experts who are pioneers in this field has to say!

How can I attend?

You can register and join us for the event here:


Dr. Abdel Azim (Moderator) – Asst. Professor, Faculty of the School of Computing, University of Stirling, UAE Campus
Mr. Roushan Kumar – CEO and Co-Founder – Bugendaitech, USA
Mr. Mohamad Kawas – Chief Technology Officer, Medicus AI, Austria
Mr. Abhijit Mukherjee – Head of IT & CRM, Maharashtra Natural Gas, Mumbai, India
Mr. Duminda Jayathilake – Assistant VP – John Keells Holdings PLC , Sri Lanka
• Mr. Jijo Joseph – AGM, Human Resources – Experion Technologies, India
Ms. Dikshaa Manoharan – Director, Human Resources, TSYS, India
Mr. Rohan Jayaweera – Assistant VP, Octave, John Keells Group, Sri Lanka
Mr. Seth Gogo Egoeh – Senior Project Manager, Viamo, Ghana

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