The impact of attitude, behavior and SEI on student performance

CAE’s first SRQ initiative in India! (24 August, 2019)

On 24th August, 2019, CAE conducted its first SRQ initiative in Chennai, India and this workshop was delivered to over 90 school students  studying in grade 10, 11 and 12 as well as 15 teaching staffers at Prasan Vidya Mandhir, Chennai, India on the impact of attitude, behavior and SEI on performance. Prasan Vidhya Mandir’s cause of existence is because of an amazing Philanthropist, Sri Prasannamal who had a strong vision that “education is the one which uncovers the knowledge hidden by ignorance, leading to see the invisible behind the visible”. Ironically, CAE’s mission and vision resonates this thought as well. One of the most important initiatives at the CAE is the ‘learning process ownership’ through self, peer and guided mentoring with our vision being ‘knowledge – a pursuit of life’.

This SRQ initiative focused on how attitudes, behavior and emotions play a phenomenal role on student performance and a few feedback from the teaching staffers speaks volumes of the impact this workshop had on students and teachers alike.

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