Career Fair 2024

Career Fair 2024: A Landmark Event at University of Stirling RAK Campus

A Day of Aspirations and Achievements

The University of Stirling – Ras Al Khaimah Campus warmly reflects on the grand success of its first-ever Career Fair, held on 15th February 2024. This pioneering event marked a significant achievement in our campus’s history, fostering career opportunities and industry connections for our students. This event was inaugurated by Dr. Richa Arora,  Head of the Institution and COO.

Gratitude and Appreciation:

A heartfelt thank you to the 24 leading companies of the UAE for their active engagement and commitment to talent development. Your presence was the cornerstone of the fair’s success.

 Nearly two hundred students took the opportunity to connect with potential employers, showcasing their dedication and enthusiasm for their professional futures.

The smooth operation and coordination of the event would not have been possible without the excellent work of our staff. Your efforts created a positive and efficient environment throughout the fair.

Remarkable Outcomes:

Career Opportunities Unlocked: The Career Fair not only provided a dynamic platform for students to explore potential career paths but also yielded immediate results with 4 students securing full-time placements on the spot. Additionally, a number of students were shortlisted for positions and are currently awaiting their offer letters, while many others secured promising internships to kickstart their professional journeys.

Positive Feedback: The overwhelming positive response from participants speaks volumes about the fair’s impact, highlighting the desire for further industry-academia collaboration.

Celebrating Collaboration and Success:
  • Fostering Future Connections: This event has strengthened the bond between academia and industry, laying a foundation for future success and collaboration.
  • The Triumph of Ambition: The Career Fair has not only helped our students take the first steps towards their career goals but has also demonstrated the University of Stirling RAK’s commitment to empowering the leaders of tomorrow.

As we look back on this milestone, we are filled with pride and optimism for what the future holds. A big thank you to everyone who participated, and we eagerly anticipate building upon these relationships in our future endeavors.

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