Enhancing Market Acumen: Guest Lecture by Cancha Ltd’s Founder

Cultivating Business Insight at University of Stirling RAK

The University of Stirling – Ras Al Khaimah Campus is excited to have hosted Mr. Jack Oswald, the Founder and Managing Director of Cancha Ltd, for a special session as part of our Business Management students’ Entrepreneurship module.

A Session of Discovery and Strategy:

  • Understanding the Marketplace: Mr. Oswald’s expertise provided our students with essential strategies for identifying target markets and understanding the nuances of customer segmentation.
  • Crafting Value Propositions: The lecture delved into the art of crafting and communicating effective value propositions, teaching students how to effectively resonate with potential customers.

Empowering Future Entrepreneurs:

  • Practical Insights: This session offered practical insights and actionable knowledge, equipping our students with the tools to navigate and excel in the competitive business landscape.
  • Interactive Learning: Mr. Oswald’s interactive approach to the lecture encouraged students to engage deeply with the content, enhancing their learning experience.

Our Appreciation:

We express our gratitude to Mr. Jack Oswald for sharing his time and wisdom with our students. His perspectives on entrepreneurship have significantly enriched the academic journey of our learners.

Looking Ahead:

Inspired by Mr. Oswald’s insights, we are reminded of the importance of real-world learning experiences. The University of Stirling RAK continues to prioritize such opportunities, fostering a robust entrepreneurial mindset among our students.

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