The Art of Digital Intrusion – Advanced Cybersecurity Tactics

A Glimpse into the World of Cybersecurity Expertise

The University of Stirling – Ras Al Khaimah Campus takes pride in looking back on the successful workshop titled “The Art of Digital Intrusion – Advanced Cybersecurity Tactics,” held on January 31, 2024. Aimed at enriching the knowledge of our BSc Computing Science and Software Engineering students, the session provided an immersive experience into the practical aspects of cybersecurity.

Workshop Dynamics and Learning Outcomes:

The workshop was led by esteemed Mr. Jaizal Ali, CEO of Redteam Hacker Academy, and his adept team members, offering students guidance from industry professionals.

Students were equipped with a handbook and dove into a hands-on session on installing and configuring Kali Linux on Oracle Virtual Box, an essential skill for any cybersecurity specialist.

Participants honed their abilities in System Administration, Process Management, and File Structures using versatile Linux commands.

An interactive Q&A session allowed learners to delve deeper into the subject matter, clarifying concepts and methodologies in real-time.

The practical approach taught students how to perform penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities within an enterprise network, a critical component of cybersecurity defense strategies.

Acknowledgments and Future Aspirations:

The workshop concluded with a vote of thanks, appreciating the contributions of the Redteam Hacker Academy and the eagerness of our students to engage in this complex field. We are thankful for the enthusiasm and participation of all attendees and look forward to hosting more events that foster the practical skills of our students in the realm of digital security.

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