Guest Lecture – Understanding Markets and Customers

Insights on Markets and Customers: A Session with Mr. Mukul Anand at University of Stirling RAK

Celebrating Entrepreneurial Learning with Expert Insights

The University of Stirling – Ras Al Khaimah Campus proudly reflects on an enriching session that was part of our Business Management students’ Entrepreneurship module. We had the honor of hosting Mr. Mukul Anand, Founder and CEO of R3 Factory, who shared his expertise on understanding markets and customers with our students.

Session Highlights:

Mr. Anand’s discussion provided students with critical insights into identifying target markets and understanding customer segmentation, key skills for any budding entrepreneur.

The session delved into the creation of effective value propositions and how to communicate these to customers, a vital component of business strategy.

Students gained practical knowledge directly applicable to their entrepreneurial ambitions, bridging the gap between academic concepts and real-world business challenges.


We extend our gratitude to Mr. Mukul Anand for his invaluable contribution to our students’ education. His session not only imparted knowledge but also inspired our students to think innovatively about market strategies.

Continuing Entrepreneurial Education:

This session with Mr. Anand was just one of many opportunities we provide our students to interact with industry leaders and entrepreneurs. The University of Stirling RAK is committed to offering hands-on learning experiences that prepare our students for successful careers in business.

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