Changing Business Environment: Digital Transformation – Are we geared towards exponential change?

Did you know that out of all the scientific fields in the world, the field of computing science is widely considered to be the fastest growing and most relevant pillar of modern society.

What was once considered science fiction only a few decades ago, is starting to take shape in the real world. For example, if one was to travel back in time to the 1980’s and tell the public that one day everyone would carry pocket-sized supercomputers more powerful than anything humanity’s brightest minds could create in that era, that person would be a laughing stock, both to the public and to the scientists innovating in the field.

Nonetheless, it happened, and the cutting-edge of today’s technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) are rapidly changing the ways businesses operate. Faced with these parameters, one must ask: are the businesses of today prepared for the world of tomorrow?

As a Computing student, our UG and PG programs offered at University of Stirling prepares and will place you at the forefront of computing in a web-based world. The Bachelor with Honours in Computing Science has a practical, problem-solving approach. This will prepare to be equipped to enter the software industry or any fields where computer systems are extensively used and developed.

Today we have touched on some basic advancements of IT.

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