Personality, EI and its impact on Emotional Well-being

As a University we have a social responsibility to participate in the enhancement of the community’s knowledge and to provide guidance towards an informed, successful and knowledge based sustaining capabilities through our Social Responsibility Outreach! We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude and thanks to the Head of International Operations, Ashok Leyland Ltd, Mr. Arijit Chowdhury, for giving us an opportunity yesterday, 4th July, 2020, to do a session for the global team of Ashok Leyland and had 80+ participants from different parts of the world; India, UAE, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal ,Ivory Coast ,Russia & Ukraine – it was humbling and gratifying to meet folks from different parts of the world. The session focused on understanding the impact of personality, attitude and behaviour and our responses to stressful or challenging situations and relationship building; both professionally and personally! – the overall outcome if we may use Ashok Leyland’s tag line “Aapki Jeet. Hamari Jeet”! – how apt! – our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Arijit and all the participants to make this session memorable!

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