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Industry Internship at Wetless Car and Polish LLC

The opportunity to do internship at Wetless Car and Polish LLC was phenomenal. It is a Car servicing company in Dubai, UAE, specializing in world-class car detailing, like Interior Cleaning, Waxing, Polishing, Tinting, and Head Light Polishing. This two-week internship enhanced my learning, hands-on experience and insights into the industry that I had never experienced before. The primary objectives of my internship were:

This included learning about an organization’s different operations, planning, and deployment strategies.

Working with professionals from various departments and backgrounds allowed for a robust learning experience.

I was keen to develop a case study on the entrepreneurial journey of the founder and critical financial decision-making related to optimizing the financial resources and making the organization profitable.

Key Learnings

1- Technical Skills

My internship at G tech exposed me to various decision-making in terms of finance, marketing, operations, managing human resources, contingencies that arise in the organization during my internship period, how those challenges are mitigated by the organization, and how it was handled and managed by the key persons of the organization. I was mainly involved in case study development; it enhanced my skills for the academic case development process.

2- Team Collaboration

I collaborated with a team of skilled professionals. This experience taught me the importance of effective communication, teamwork, and how to function in an agile work environment. How diverse nationalities work together as one team and reach different locations for roadside assistance or collision how they worked under stressful conditions.

3- Problem-Solving

The internship provided numerous opportunities to develop my problem-solving skills. The owner shared his challenges and had to think critically to provide innovative solutions. His sharing of entrepreneurial journey has helped me to develop problem-solving skills immensely.

4- Business Insight

Understanding the business aspect of car services and polishing was equally important as interacting with the founder, managing partner, manager, and employees. I gained insights into how promised services were delivered to the clients and aligned with business objectives. Besides this, I mainly learnt how business established and reached to the growth stage. The company was doing remarkably well during Covid time, and it was the foresight and vision of the founder and CEO to forecast the need for the business and be the market leader in the car service segment in UAE.

Experiences and Achievements

I was keen to develop an academic case study during my internship to enhance academic development. I was able to contribute by:

Developing a Feature: I developed a case study on “H. Tech Wet Less Carwash and Polish LLC: Search for Future Directions.” (Name of the organization is disguised to maintain the owner’s confidentiality as per his request.)

Reflecting on my time at G.Tech, I realize how essential this internship has been for my professional growth. It was not merely an introduction to the industry but a transformative experience that has shaped my career aspirations. The internship at Wet Less Car Wash and Polish LLC was an enriching and enlightening experience. It has provided me with technical proficiency, industry insights, and valuable soft skills. My time at the company has solidified my desire to develop a case study, and I am thankful to the entire team for their support and mentorship. Indeed, my organization will allow me to enhance my learning and understanding of the corporation, which will help me elaborate the conceptual learning with suitable examples of my experience from the Industry internship.

Author: Ms. Divyaba Pravinsinh Gohil, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Stirling

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